Where our coffee grows is the key

Where our coffee grows is the key

We have direct trade coffee from our home, Cameroon, and have developed a farm collaboration with 600 farmers in the Mt. Oku, Banso and Boyo regions of Cameroon.


Our team on the ground in Cameroon works directly with our farmers, supporting their agronomy efforts, while paying them higher than commodity prices for the coffee.

green beans on the left and farmers select the green beans on the right side

The Mount Oku region is a prime Arabica coffee-growing territory with volcanic soils, high elevation, and shade. Political, social and infrastructure challenges make sourcing coffee from Cameroon quite difficult, and we have taken it upon ourselves to work through these difficulties. 

farmer is holding coffees from the tree on the left and green beans on the right

We would be nothing without our community! That’s why we give back.

At Kribi, we use our voice to amplify those that need to be heard and offer support to groups that need it most. Whether local or national, we believe giving back to our community is in building a future filled with peace, love, and happiness.


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